Some light marital blogging

I bet you thought I fell off the earth. Actually, I’ve just been super busy, Lenting, working, momming, expecting and being married. All these things take time and blogging has just not been at the forefront of my probabilities. I did however just read a book that has me inspired enough to not clean and blog instead. (That just might be laziness)

What book, you ask? None other than Jesus the Bridegroom by the fantastic Dr. Brant Pitre, which I read in four hours. (Honestly, I would download every single of his bible studies, but they are just so expensive!!!!) This book, which breaks down the reality of marriage as shown by Jesus in his crucifixion and through biblical history is perfectly timed for all of the hulabaloo going on right now regarding marriage.

Some interesting, though not unknown, themes stood out to me in the reading of this book.

Sin as Adultery
Church as Israel
Love as it relates to the Father and Son (although mentioned very much in passing as Triune)

Why do these themes stick out so much to me? Certainly my chosen blog theme is marriage, so the importance of marriage can not be downplayed, IMHO. Each of these themes in a unique way, give a deeper perspective on the indissolubility of marriage, the necessity of unity among Christians and the deeper reality of interconnected salvation or kenosis (Phil 2:5-8 -> 1 Cor 7:14.) Not separately, although they can be discussed separately, but how these themes form one marital reality; a reality which transcends earthly bounds.

As I said, these themes are certainly not unknown and Dr. Pitre himself states that he isn’t saying anything new, Church Fathers have been saying it since Bible times. So why is it that, in my personal church going and pre-Cana experience, these themes get very limited attention? Obviously, no one can answer why; but the need for these understandings is great. It would be easy to say that we need them in our time, we do, but as history, rife with schism shows, these are teachings that are eternally relevant.

I invite any corrections to what I say, especially as it refers to Dr. Pitre, who I don’t know and don’t intend to represent in any way. Thank you!

In any event, the intent is to talk about these themes in a few upcoming posts. Let’s see if I can keep up my end of the bargain!

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