Love and Marriage

I’ve got marriage on the brain.  Maybe it is that I’m married.  Maybe it is that I’m going to a million weddings this year.  Maybe it is that the Pope is talking about marriage and the family next year and it is going to be a huge deal.  Maybe it is that I’m in a mixed marriage and I am starting to understand the gravity and sadness of the Reformation.  But honestly, it is probably all of those things.  Also, Brant Pitre’s new book about Christ as the Bridegroom is coming out next March and I can’t wait for that either.

Whatever the specific reason at the time, this is an issue that makes up most of my perspective.  For this reason, most of my dabbling into theology and apologetics is from the angle of:  all roads lead to the Catholic (universal) Church because it is the Church that was instituted by Christ.  This however, doesn’t mean that anyone needs to badmouth other theological systems or be disrespectful of God’s time in bringing people into full communion with him.  Why?  Because if priests, bishops, cardinals and popes represent Christ the Bridegroom, then every single person is part of the bride that they are seeking.  Coming from a number of divorces in my own family, understanding that everyone has some guilt and love heals all wounds, covenant triumphs all.

So I’m thinking about the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the family (Oct 2014) and how timely it is with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (Oct 2017), and I ran into this PDF:   Conflict to Communion, which is a report of the Lutheran (Roman) Catholic Commission on unity. Of course, I have a toddler, so what could be better to read from 11:30-midnight. It was a pretty engaging half document (I couldn’t stay awake for the rest) pointing towards an increasing desire for visible unity as a Church.  This is something I can really identify with.

So, was the Church meant to be visibly united?  I mean from the start.  Were we all meant to always be one?  Is there on?  Is it invisible?  What I can tell you is this, I never tire of seeing my husbands wedding ring.  And no fighting is ever more important than that he is my husband.

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